While indulging in a little Christmas shopping, I called into H&S Firearms in Sale Victoria to see what Santa might bring me on Christmas morning.

    An Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite seemed like a ‘must have’ at a recommended price of $65, even though I already have any number of fixed and folding blade knives with which to gut a trout or dismember a deer. A new knife though is always a lot more exciting that a pack of jocks or another shirt!

  • THE MEATEATER; Fish & Game Cookbook

    Steve Rinella (The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game) is perhaps best known for his MeatEater podcasts, American Buffalo...
  • Australian Deer Association

    Our online store is starting off small but we have big plans.

    We know ADA members wear the badge proudly and we are working on a range of branded merchandise that will be practical and fashionable so keep checking in regularly to see what's new.

    In the meantime, grab some of the Australian Deer Association 50th anniversary gear, it will be a long time before we turn 100.